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Sargodha Girls PicturesHuma is very sweet and cute girl belonging to the city of Sargodha. A very nice girl with sweet smile and dream are define huma. Her profile pic is usually set on babies photos, which shows her love for kids. Her cover photo theme is also same as her profile pictures. Her dressing theme is based on modern fashion trends. Her schooling is mentioned from Govt girls school and after her intermediate, due to some problem she discontinues her study. Sarghoda Girls Mobile Numbers Huma are very decent girl and finding a handsome boy for real friendship. Although she is not a very good student in college but her traits are open in her home. In work of house , she is a jack of all trades. Her passion is cooking and eating. She loves food and a little fatty girl she is, but that’s not make her ugly, that’s make her cute with her whitish complexion. For earning money, she give tuition to Montessori’s child. She has done Montessori course too and her mobile number is warid. Her time with children is her precious time. Naughtiness is also a part of her personality traits. When she teach children then she become like them and being naughty. Her smile is very cute and full of life. When she smiles, it feels that it comes direct from her heart.

Her wall is filling up with her students and niece, nephew photos. In her saying “children are the most beautiful creature in the world”. Wherever is she, children attracts her so much. Every women has a quality of mother for her family and children and she has also this quality too. Although she is younger in her home, but all household responsibilities are on her shoulders because she is care about her family and elder sister who work hard outside.

Beside her house work, she likes to listening good music and net surfing or chatting with her friends on facebook and any other social network. Not any specific song and singer is her favorite, her choice will change as the passing with time. But her love for her family and her students will never be change. Although her education is not so high, but she is very confident and intelligent girl. Bravery is also her great quality. Every difficulty of life is faced by her with the smile on her face. She is never cry and get grief or sorrow at the time of tension. At difficult time, she becomes calm and relax and think about difficulty and solution of this problem. She is very helpful too and always get ready to help anyone.


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