Perfect Short Hairstyles for Round Faces for Women

Short Haircuts for Round Faces WomenEvery single woman in this world has a different face cut. Some have long faces while some have a round chubby face. Here short hairstyles for round faces for women trendy hairstyles. To decide what type of hair style you want, you have to keep this element in mind. If you have a round face, then obviously the hairstyles suited on long face will be a bad choice. And same goes for the longed face ones. That’s why today, we’re here to help you out. We will give all the knowledge you need to know that which style will suit your face cut.

Firstly, it is preferable to keep the length of your hair short. Short hair will help to minimize the roundness of the face to some extent which long hair won’t be able to do. Secondly don’t go for straight hair. One important note that you have to keep in mind is that; always go for those girls haircuts and hairstyles that have a lot of volume and body. For such hair styles, go for the good old crop bob haircut with sharp cut bangs, they will suit round face perfectly and look gorgeous. Temple undercut haircut will suit will look stunning with a pixie haircut. These were the recommended haircuts that will look perfect on round faced women. Now let’s talk about the hair styles the undo’s that will look good for those who have medium or long hair.

The best thing for round faced women is that, if they have long/ medium hair, they look best when tied up. You know what this means, tied hair means lots of hair styles! Bun’s will look pretty elegant especially the messy ones with a few strands of hair flying freely. This tip is not only for buns but any hairstyle messed up in a good way, will look astonishing. Also the ‘Elsa frozen braid’ will look perfect. It will give the ’made-up-for-fashion’ impact. Never ever go for the tight high pony tails. They will make your round face look chubby and bad. There were the hair styles and hair cuts that you should go for.


Updated: July 9, 2015 — 6:39 pm

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