Pakistani Lahore Girls Mobile Numbers Zainab

Lahore Girls Mobile NumbersShe is a very competent muslim girl. She lives in Mall Road Lahore, her profile cover theme is mostly based on girlish stuff i-e pictures of sandals or bracelets or google and profile picture of cource as all other girls her own very nice and sophisticated snap, she basically wear glasses which gives her personality a decent touch. Her schooling as mentioned in her profile is from FG Degree College Lahore and now she’s doing BBA from Punjab university Lahore. Her daily activity is mostly selfies from her university or pictures of friends. Her interest as her past posts and daily posts show is mostly in babies, her mostly posts contains very cute and little babies or also some writing stuff too.

Her hobbies as I assumed is to watch movies, she mostly watch action movies, her most favorite one as mentioned in her profile is “Matrix”. Her favourite indian movie is “Veer Zara”. Her favourite hero is “Shahrukh Khan” and heroin is “Katrina kaif”. Her family interaction is very weak, as no posts contain her family pictures. Her dressing theme as assumed is mostly eastern, kamiz shalwar, stylish but decent shirts and trousers, sometimes jeans kurta too but just for some occasions she prefer cultural dressing. She has mostly movies or dramas groups which shows her interest in social media secondly her interest in reading can be seen by quantity of writing stuff group joined by her. Her liked pages are mostly vine video pages or actors or social media pages. Her hobby as mentioned in her profile is net surfing and socializing. Painting and photography  is her part time work, she mostly shares her work on her profile and many of her friends like and comment on it too.

For always staying update with all new trends she has liked many fashion update pages. She is an “Insafian”, she is a big fan of Imran khan and share maximum pics of him and his raillies. She is fond of reading novels. Her favourite urdu novel is “Janat k patay”. She’s font of outing too,every day the pictures shared by her are mostly from some restaurant or cafe, her favourite place to visit with friends or family is “Macdonalds”. So all in all her profile is updated daily by all this kind of stuff that shows her very interest in media, fashion,movies,travelling. That is something showing her love and open heartedness towards life and her media interest shows her great and motivated career in this field.

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