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Karachi Girls Pictures numbersRabab is very attractive girl live at Orangi town in Karachi. Her smile is very beautiful and her dusty complexion and black eyes attract the eyes of anyone. Her schooling is mentioned from Oxford English School and has done her bachelor in arts from national college of arts. Her profile picture is based on her own selfies and her cover photo theme is set on many pictures of dancers. Her aims to become an actress and dancer. She’s also learn dancing from Napa. She was the brilliant student in her college and she is also study performing arts center. Herself for her is like a heroin. She moves like that a camera is also moving with her. HereĀ Orangi Town Karachi Girls Mobile Numbers Rabab and want to serious person who loved her.

Her craze is dancing and theatre. She performed many of theatre in her college life and also belong to well known theatre. Her specialty is in Kathak , but also many of different dances are performed by her. Her passion is her career, music dance and acting. She is very work hard to get her goal. Her favorite singers are Abida Perveen, Noor Jahan and Amanat Ali. She has huge collection of them and also performs dance on their songs. Many of dancing videos are uploaded by her. Many of her posts are based her career goals and objectives. Her favorite dancer is Sheema Kermani. She also inspired by “Sohayie abro” who is the well known actress and dancer too. Her aims to become just like her. The important thing is that her family is very supportive and modern. Her family support makes her strong and silent. She is not very talkative, her career goal is makes her wise but silent.

Her believe on herself is very strong. Her thinking is that God helps those who help themselves. She believes in “don’t think too much just do what you want”. Now a days she’s performing in theatre. She wants to perform Shakespeare’s play Othello. Her acting is very marvelous. And many of her videos she do mixture of acting plus dancing, which fill multi colors in her performance. Her face expressions are very realistic. She is very sensitive and emotional girl. In her thinking every artist should have both qualities when she or he become good artist when the feelings come from the depth of heart. Her life is going on very beautifully and her passion can makes her high if she never give up.


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