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Mirpur Azad Kashmir GirlsA girl with great confident and with leadership qualities is a girl Lareb who belong to small city Meerpur Khas. She’s a girl with great patience and care about people around her. Her schooling is mentioned from National school and has done her BA in home economic from Govt. Girls college Meerpur Khas. Here Mirpur Azad Kashmir Girls Mobile Numbers for a real girl. Her routine is starting from Fajar pray and recite. Her main trait is domesticity. She is very mature and good girl with the quality of love and care of her family and friends. Her family is her first priority. She is managed all the work of her home and outside from home very well with her study and hobbies too.

Her profile pic is set on her house pictures and she loves to decorate her home. Her cover photo theme is also shows her craze for her home and show her zong mobile number. After completing graduation, she has done many of courses regarding the decoration of house. Many interior design pages are liked by her. Her dressing theme based on traditional dresses. Her favorite hobby is reading books. A long lost of books are available which is liked by her. Naseem Hijazi, Javed Chaudhari and Ishfaq Hussain are her favorite authors. Her favorite books is Harry Potter series in English. And her favorite Urdu books are Shaheen, Zero point series and gentleman series.

In her thoughts, books teach us as well as our mother. Irresolutely is her weakness otherwise she is very nice and sweet girl. Her fundamental is for life is that love begets love kindness begets kindness. And give love to others and gain love for ourselves, give cares to others and gain cares for ourselves. If this fundamental adopts by everyone this world would become better place to live. Although she is patience girl but she can’t control her anger. Any wrong thing can hyper her. She loves her family so much. Her great hobby and talent is to decorate and maintain her home. Many pictures of decoration pieces which made by her are shared by her. Her wall is filling up with the pictures of her creativity about her home. She’s sensitive, loving,caring and great thought of loves for others and her family are these qualities define Lareb that what nature is bear by her.

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