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Layyah Girls PakistanAny girl who has a knowledge in biology is known as an expert. Ayesha from Layyah is a doctor and has been practicing for 2 years now and share Beautiful Girs Mobile Numbers. She is a recent graduate and is wishing to get a particular specialization in the field she is interested in. Ayesha is a great person whenever someone talks to her. She is great in public and has been great throughout her life. She is a humble person and has the most calm personality ever.

You can love talking to her because of the sweet talk she does. She can be really loving and loves to have people around her. Ayesha is the person who has gone through a lot in life and with the ideas of staying strong she has let go off the bad in her life. She has no regrets and believes that whatever has happened in her life is all because of her fate and she will not make anyone responsible for that. She believes that she is at a very positive stage in her life and is happy for where she is. She is happy for everything and how life has turned out to be for her. Ayesha is a great person and because of the hard things she has become intelligent.

Ayesha loves to play and is a car racing fan. She loves need for speed and is a little tom boyish. She has been working hard to be where she is right now and because of her firm focus for life she has become very happy over where she is today. She is thankful for the things that happen to her and in her life. She has been very intelligent throughout her schooling and has graduted in the degree of medicine with great marks. She is a renowned doctor and people have found relief in her medicines. She is great in terms of giving advice because she is a doctor and she is great in terms of everything because of the things that she has been through. She is happy for everything and is a great person who accepts life for however it is.


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