Latest Small Tattoo Designs for Best Places on Body

Tattoo desins for WomenTattoos are all about ourselves they portray our attitude, personality and community. Mostly same community members get tattoos of a same kind because of their culture and other community people get different kind of tattoos. Whether tattoos are all about oneself. Choose your best tattoo design wisely according to the tattoo and body part you want tattooed. Some tattoos appearance dies just when you tattoo them on a non-suitable body part. Tattoos are permanent think prudently before getting your tattoo because when it’s done it’s done nothing can get you back your old skin. Choose your tattoo artist carefully, your design and place where you want your tattoo. You are confused about your tattoo? Or about suitable tattoo for best body part. Read this article and you will know which place will be best for your tattoo.

  • Wrist tattoos always looks breath taking. But do think cleverly before getting a tattoo on your wrist because this is the most evident body part and if you will get not so good tattoo your tattoo will become questionable. Small Arm bands tattoo or feminist bracelet will look great on your wrist.
  • Forearm portraits are famous tattoos for your forearms. Portrait of some pinup girl, your loved ones or even your own portrait. Needle does not hurt on forearm.
  • Shoulders are best place to get tattooed. You can cover them up or you can just show them. Shoulder tattoos look just ‘wow’. Get yourself latest small humming birds from front shoulder to back or tribal geometric tattoo.
  • Whether getting ear tattoo hurts too much but more than hurting it looks resistible. Little music notes or star tattoos in your ear works great.
  • Like you wear rings get yourself small finger tattoo. Get your lucky number or initials of your loved ones or your own on your fingers or some girlish finger ornament.
  • Foot tattoos look astonishing but foot tattoos need a lot of care.
  • Tattoos on your foot mostly are personal.
    Rib tattoos are way more personal and elusive. On rib peacock feather tattoo leopard art tattoo, flower tattoo, some Arabic, Japanese or Chinese font saying or initials on your rib would do great.
  • Neck tattoos are quiet trendy especially among girls you can easily cover them with your hair or scarf. Abstract girly bow on your neck looks pretty sexy. I personally love neck tattoos. They are quiet delicate.
  • Ankle tattoos are great flying birds on your ankles looks astonishing. It’s like walking art work and for girls anklet tattoos are best choice.
  • Creative knee tattoos are really cool. Get yourself Horus knee tattoo this year.
  • Elbows tattoos hurts a lot but they are the best place to get a tattoo. Some abstract skeleton or cartoon art work tattoo on your elbows will do great.

Small tattoos looks decent rather than having your fully body tattooed. Little tattoo art somewhere on your body part gives you decent and relishing look. Hope you will choose your best body parts tattoo.


Updated: November 20, 2014 — 6:32 pm

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