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Ichra Lahore GirlsAyesha lives in ICHRA Lahore, she is a muslim girl, her profile cover theme is mostly based on religious stuff i-e translation of ayat and profile picture of cource as all  other typical girls is of some copied picture, her schooling as mentioned in not mentioned but she is well educated and has done Masters in Urdu literature. Her daily activity is mostly sharing some religious stuff or motivational stuff towards life. Her interest as her past posts and daily posts show is mostly in urdu poetry. She her self is a writer of urdu poetry. Her hobbies as I assumed is to read, read and read, she mostly read galib and faiz, her most favorite one as mentioned in her profile is “Deewan e Galib”.

Her family interaction through profile is a bit weak as don’t share anything related to her family. Her dressing theme as assumed is mostly eastern, or may be I guess she is a hijabian , but just for out goings, at some occasions she prefer cultural dressing. She has mostly joined forces groups which shows her interest in Armed forces secondly her interest in writing can be seen by quantity of urdu writing stuff groups joined by her. Her liked pages are mostly poetry pages or literature pages. Her hobby as mentioned in her profile is reading books. Photography is her part time work and a hobby too, she mostly shares her work on her profile and many of her friends like and comment on it too.

For always staying update with all new writers and their writing stuff she has liked many poetry update pages. Her favourite english novel is “Forty rules of love” by elif shafak and favourite urdu novel is “Peer e kamil” and ”Janat k patay” by Humaira Ahmed. She’s not fond of outing,every day the pictures shared by her are mostly from her house onl. So all in all her profile is updated daily by all this kind of stuff that shows har very interest in writing and reading urdu poetry, religion etc. That is something showing her enthusiasm towards poetry and love of life.

Updated: February 21, 2015 — 8:13 am

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