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Hyderabad GirlsRobina is belonging second larger city of sindh. She is Muslim and very innocent girl. Her schooling mentioned in her profile is from Educater school Hyderabad and has doing her BA in fine arts. Her profile pic and cover photos are usually set her selfies but with covering the face. Her Hyderabad Girls Mobile Number Robina from Sindh. cover photos are also set up with her own paintings and arts work. Her star is Libra , and she know very well that how to balance in her life?

She is average in study, although fine arts is choosing by her, so she can manage it. She loves colors and all her art work and her mobile number is zong. When her canvas is ahead of her, everything will be disappear around her, just her painting and she will remain. Her painting theme is commonly taken from nature. Mona Lisa painting is also painted by her, but as she say in her statement that this painting is legendary, no one can draws her smile in a natural way but every painter’s collection is incomplete without access of smile of Mona Lisa. Except painting, her miniature are also beautifully created. Sometimes her paintings and miniature are also exhibits for selling purpose. Her friends list is commonly found of her university fellows, who encourage her work and their comments show the popularity of her in a college.

Some of northern areas and Sindh Ther areas are also drawn by her. Her painting is exploring the world with as the taking the sweetness of life as well as also bitterness of life like poverty and statuesque of our country. Her future goal is to make her name in the field of arts. As an artist she is also belonging to another art like performing arts like acting. Her acting is also valuable for her. In college she plays many roles and take praise from her teachers and fellows. Although she belongs to the conservative family so her career of acting may be not take place in her life. But as an artist of painting and miniature, she can make name with her brilliant work and creativity. Her miniature is commonly found in tiny vase and some different arts that shows her creativity. Her statements show her confident and believe in herself, her future planning is clear and concise. At very younger age she’s aims are clear and conspicuous. Just her little efforts put for this purpose and she’ll be at the peak of her career.


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