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Gujranwala Girls Numbers MobileSaba is a muslim girl from Gujranwala, her profile cover theme is mostly based on some writing stuff from her favourite writers, profile picture is ofcourse some sophisticated picture of her own. Her schooling is not mentioned and she is well educated and has done Bachelors in English studies. She seems to be a brilliant girl but her posts shows her deep interest in painting, she is a very competent and sophisticated girl, her hobby is painting and wall art and embriodry. All kind of paintings is her cup of tea. But her favourite one is abstract art.

Daily pictures shared by her are mostly from her paintings painted by her own hands. She likes poetry and novels  and the best part of her hobby list is wall art. She mostly share pictures of her house walls painted by her own self. These pictures are always so surprising and are really awesome that are daily shared on her profile by her. Her favourite movie even is “Pirates of silicon” based on bill gates and steve Jobs life stories, no doubt the great legends. A part from studies her song list is huge and full of great old songs and is also full Noor Jahan songs which is the best part.

One more thing from her personal life is that she is single. Her aim of life is entrepreneurship. That is a bit strange for girls in our society and needs strong family support. Her dressing theme is always western and eastern mixed a part from her university life or out goings she prefer cultural dressing. She is also fond of story writing and is fond of reading too and mostly share sayings her friends. All in all describing her profile is like she is the girl with great aesthetic sense, a polit and humble nature can be described by her posts e and this is what makes her the most strong and competent girl.

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