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Gakhar Mandi Gujranwala GirlsMaha is live at Gakher. She is very brave and confident girl. Her qualities makes her brilliant. Her schooling is mentioned from Govt school and has doing her B.S.C from Punjab college. Her profile picture is set on her family photos,her cover theme is based on typical fb covers and also share her mobile number. Maha is belong to a broken family, so she faced many difficulties from her early life. She learnt from her life, how to lead a better life and how to face problems with smiling face. Her dressing theme is cultural and traditional. Her favorite color is blue and white and she often wear both colors. Her cover theme is also based on both colors. Gakhar Gujranwala Girls Mobile Numbers Maha is very beautiful. Her aims ko become a researcher in science and do work in the field of technology.

Her hobbies are gardening and baking. Every type of bakery item is the ball of her coat. Pineapple and chocolate are her favorite flavor in cake. Pizza which baked by her is very delicious and its aroma and taste make it like any restaurant’s pizza. Her wall is filling up with bakery item which made by her. She also shares recipe of her baking items. Her specialty in making patties. Every type of patties, she can bake in very beautiful way. Cake is also baked by her very well. Fondant work is also known by her. Many of cake decorations online courses has done by her.

At her wall, beside her baking, many informative things are shared by her. Some kind of funny videos are also shred by her. Her science research are also good quality of her. Every news about science are shared by her on her wall. Her fb ID seems her beautiful and intelligent girl with the great passion of baking and honest to her work also. She is very intelligent and brilliant student in her college. Her friends are selected but similar to her.her friends are often is her cousins and college fellows. Her care is about her younger sister and she’s work hard for her sister’s upbringing. She is very bookish girl, so she doesn’t watch tv for wasting time. Her entertainment is her garden and her love is for her baling activity. Her friends are whom, she knows in her real life. Any unknown person or strangers’ friend request is not accept by her. Her quality is to being herself. She doesn’t care about people, she’ll do what she think it is right. And this all qualities has explained a very sweet girl Maha.

Updated: March 14, 2015 — 6:50 pm

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