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Faisalabad Girls PicturesHafsa is belonging to Faisalabad, very elegant and pretty, Muslim girl. Her schooling is from city public school and has doing b.com honor from Punjab college. Her cover photos theme is seen of funny pictures. Here Faisalabad Girls Mobile Numbers Hafsa. Her profile pictures of her own selfie. Her wall is filling up with her own selfies. Her look is very cute and her dressing is based on western culture like jeans and t-shirt. She is a modern girl with broad mindset. Being as cosmopolitan, her nature is adopting some artificial traits too otherwise she is lovely girl. Her goal is to achieve a big name in the business field. After graduation she want to study in Lums university of her MBA.
She is an intelligent student, also taking interest in sports activity. Her interest is in beauty and also interests friendship with boys for mobile number. She is beauty and diet conscious. Her first love is for herself. Nature give her a beautiful look and she groom herself more and this is her favorite hobby too. Once a time she did modeling too.

Her family support is also with her. Her nature is friendly and helpful to everyone. A huge list of friends is having by her. Beside study her interest is in self grooming and fashion. Her clothes are designed by her, those are very beautiful and amazing. Her mind is creative and innovative. Shopping is also her favorite hobby, she is a regular customer of many boutiques. She knows very well that how to carry specific style on her and how her look will improve. Her posts is about her self centered. Rock and pop music is also her favorites. Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam is her favorite singers. She has a huge collection of them. She also loves old Indian romantic movies. Her favorite hero is Farhan Akhtar and heroine is Anushka Sharma. Her believe on herself is very strong.

She believes on inner beauty, that’s why she cares herself very much. Regularly going for a jog and brush after every time when she is taking meal, are her positive habits. Yoga and other exercise is also carrying by her. Nutrition information is collected and using by her also. She knows very well, what to do? And how to do? Her aims make her happy and proud also. But beside these traits, she is very cute and innovative girl with a great aesthetic sense of her beauty and with brilliant mind that how to spend life in a better way.

Updated: March 28, 2015 — 7:15 am

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