7 Top Cute Indian Girls Hairstyles for 2014 – 2015

Simple cute hairstyles for Indian GirlsFashion changes with the passage of time. You have to update yourself with community and the changing trends of the society around you. In fashion, your hair comes first. Are you tired of getting the same haircut suggestion by your hair stylist? Every time you go to salon for a new haircut and they do your hair with the old common hairstyles, alas, you just need a break!
Well, do not worry as it is an ordinary issue. Just read out the following topmost hairstyles of the year 2014 and 2015 and decide your hairstyle accordingly.

Retro Waves Hairstyles

Three inch waves with copper highlights is the top glamourous hairstyle of 2014-2015 this cut is seen at nine out of nine fashion weeks 2014-2015 London fashion week, Dubai fashion week, Miami fashion week, Delhi fashion week, Pakistan Fashion week, Paris Fashion week, Milan fashion week etc. This hairstyle goes great with rectangular, oval and oblong.

Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircut was invented in 1960’s with time and fashion there been so many alterations in this cut up till now. A-line bob, Angled bob, side swept bob etc. but this year’s bob is worth getting front bangs with messy roughly chopped cut bob with ombre.
It goes great with round, triangular and square with medulla hair texture.

Frizzy bohemian waves Hairstyles

This wavy hairstyle is for long hair and 2014-15 fashion trend it has long frizzy with huge curls. This haircut will look owing in burgundy or copper hair texture for every age group.
Bohemian waves are good for diamond, heart and inverted on thick hair.

Pixie fringe Hairstyles

This is a short hairstyle which has gremlin cuts. Apply burgundy highlights on pixie shorts. This hairstyle is popular in Paris and New York among every age group.
Pixie looks good on round and diamond face shaped on thin or medulla hair.

Emo Haircuts

Emo haircut was invented in 2012 but this hairstyle still trendy especially among teenagers. It is choppy from the head with sharp edges and bit of highlights mostly in Purple, pink and green. This hairstyle have some flaws too its cutting reduces the thickness of your hair so this hairstyle is best suitable for thin hair. This hairstyle works excessive on heart, square and diamond.

Side-flounced bangs Hairstyles

Side-flounced bangs are this year’s fashion these side swinging gives you splendid look with any type of hairdo. Side wavering works great with every hair texture and haircut in pony tail, bun, straight hair, curly hair or waves. Side-bangs are most popular and its trending since it was invented. This hairdo looks prodigious with every face shape.

Pinnacle Hairstyles

Pinnacle is a new invention and most attention-grabbing hairstyle. It has back crown like puff with side bangs. This haircut goes great with copper hair any length would do great with pinnacle and best suitable for oval, round, oblong and heart it goes with every hair texture.

And do not forget to go for a hairstyle that best suits your face contour, hair texture and according to newfangled hair trends of the year 2014-2015.

Updated: November 19, 2014 — 6:23 pm

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