12 Unique Stylish Korean Hairstyles for Men

Korean hair styles have gotten increasingly common in the past years. All you see these days are men getting new hair styles that are Korean. Although, girls also adore Korean hair style, men have a much larger fan base for these types of hair styles. Like I mentioned before Korean hair styles are mostly done with medium length hair. They are not all the way up to the shoulders and they are also not so short that they are not also as short as a buzz cut.

Asian Mens Hairstyles for Short Hairs

One hairstyle is to get the hair cut in layers, to some of you that might sound slightly feminine, but it is not, most men are getting it done these days. The layers are usually thinned at the bottoms. Alight perm is needed to give a messy, wavy and natural look. There is a fringe or bangs hanging on one side of the forehead right above the eye. Shaving the head has become a daily need in male hair styles these days. In this hair style the two sides and the back are shaved in to a buzz cut and the middle front hair is left to grow. The front hair can be slightly permed to give a wavy look and gelled upwards, just like the international sensation Zayn Malik.

If the slight perm does not suit you, you can straighten that same piece of hair and leave it as a fringe hanging down on the fore head covering one eye. As many of you might not know, but the hair cut that most boys copied, the justin bieber cut, was actually inspired by Korean boy cuts. The last hair cut for the day is one of my favorites. The school boy nerdy hair cut. This is just a normal straight cut, nothing extravagant.

Updated: September 7, 2015 — 5:56 pm

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